Sound and security applications for large, open-air events in the city

The MONICA project is a large-scale demonstration of new and existing IoT applications for a smarter living. The demonstration involves six major cities in Europe: Lyon, Bonn, Leeds, Turin, Copenhagen and Hamburg.

Focus is on one of the key aspects of European society: the cultural performances in open-air settings which create challenges in terms of crowd safety, security and noise pollution.

To demonstrate how these challenges can be met through the use of technology, MONICA will develop, deploy and demonstrate three IoT ecosystems on security, acoustics and innovation, addressing real user needs. Within these systems, several applications are deployed, using IoT-enabled devices such as smart wristbands, video cameras, loudspeakers and mobile phones.

Crowd safety and security

One strand of applications addresses the challenge of managing public security and safety at open-air settings where large crowds gather. These include concerts, carnivals, sporting events and other city manifestations.

Solutions for sound control

The second strand demonstrates a number of acoustics applications, controlling and reducing the emission of unwanted noise to the neighbouring communities. In addition, some of the applications invite the citizens to engage in the creation of solutions which enable better adaption of open-air events to city living.

Share, engage and innovate

Final but not least, a third strand of applications will enable developers and service providers to integrate the MONICA platform with other smart city systems. Additionally, MONICA will share open data, inviting entrepreneurs to develop new innovative applications for a smarter living.

To support the multiple applications, MONICA deploys a secure, cloud-based platform which wirelessly connects and handles devices used at the events. Furthermore, the platform consists of components which can analyse data and detect critical incidents, thereby supporting operators in making decisions. Since the platform is based on open standards and architectures and can support multiple applications, it can be used by other cities and in other settings.

The individual pilot sites will mix and match applications according to their specific needs. Thereby, they will show the flexibility of the MONICA platform.

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