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The Federal City of Bonn is a city on the banks of the Rhine River and gave birth to the famous German composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

For the MONICA project, the first event selected by the City of Bonn is Rhine in Flames, an open-air festival with three performing stages as well as attractions, street food and fireworks, attracting up to 90,000 visitors in one day. It will be crucial to achieve the best sound experience from all perspectives (neighbours, visitors, performers). The crowd management needs also to be improved by the MONICA platform.

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The other event of this pilot is the Pützchens Markt: an open-air festival lasting five days, where 1 million visitors gather in a residential area with narrow streets, night and day. Due to these numbers, the challenges are related to the monitoring of crowd movement, prevention of critical situations, improvement of the communication among the security staff and noise management.

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MONICA contact person: Malik Dine