The City of Hamburg hosts a lot of large-scale events on a regular basis with more than a million visitors from the city, the metropolitan region and from abroad.

For the MONICA project, Hamburg has decided to focus on two events, Hamburg Port Anniversary and Hamburg Dom Festival. These two events have more than a million visitors each and represent great challenges to the city’s organisers in terms of security and safety in different forms and under different circumstances.

Hamburg Port Anniversary, photo courtesy of the City of Hamburg

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Hamburg DOM is Northern Germany’s biggest goose fair. It takes place three times a year with a duration of four weeks in spring, summer and winter, in a loosely fenced area (Heiligengeistfeld). It offers show booths, nostalgic carousels, high-tech rides and a food-mile, in total 251 attractions on 160,000 sqm with a yearly amount of 7-10 million visitors during the 91 DOM days.

For both events, crowd management – with an improvement of the security measures – and observation of environmental data – to improve the safety of the visitors, are crucial issues to be faced during the three years of the MONICA project.

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The Port of Hamburg is Germany’s most important port, and one of the leading cargo handling centres in the world. Each year, more than one million visitors from Germany and abroad come to Hamburg Port Anniversary in order to join the atmosphere generated by ships from all parts of the world in the heart of Hamburg. The attractions of Hamburg Port Anniversary extend six kilometres along the waterfront of the River Elbe and comprise a programme of more than 200 displays including music, cultural and culinary displays, and a wide range of activities on both land and water.

The Hamburg DOM, photo courtesy of the City of Hamburg

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