Reference Book and Roadmaps
for MONICA Market Replication

The MONICA solutions address a range of actors involved in the planning, organisation and carrying out of large public events in outdoor areas.

Based on an analysis of the environmental (resource efficiency), societal (general public engagement, user acceptance) and regulatory (public authorities) aspects, the project has derived recommendations for the replicability of MONICA solutions. The results are presented in this Replication Reference Book and Roadmaps for MONICA Market Replication. We hope you will find it useful.

Sound and Noise

Security of crowds

Citizens and Visitors

A word from MONICA about this site

The MONICA project has been successfully demonstrated in 22 planned events and four replications in six major cities across Europe.

It has demonstrated to very many stakeholders, both from the supply side and the demand side of the value chain, how a large-scale IoT ecosystem using innovative wearables, IoT sensors and actuators, can be integrated into an interoperable, cloud-based solution with closed-loop services that are capable of offering a multitude of targeted applications for event organisers and smart city operators. Security and privacy enhancing features in a trust federation scheme allow all solutions to protect personal data and privacy in compliance with the GDPR regulations. Both event participants and ordinary citizens were involved in validation activities to investigate privacy, security, collective awareness and co-creation.

Moreover, a set of software tools and technical guidelines for developers and system integrators complete the package of results from the MONICA project. Finally, the project validated a range of new business model proposals based on new value propositions for involved actors to explore.

This website presents guidelines for market uptake of the MONICA results so that potential customers, event planners, Smart City operators or solutions developers, can have an overview of the necessary investments and the expected results of the MONICA solutions. As such, it serves as a foundation for commercial purposes. You can also download the full document here: D9.3 Replication Reference Book and Roadmaps for MONICA Market Replication.

The MONICA team wishes you all the best of luck and looks forward to serving you individually in the future. Do not hesitate to contact any of us.


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Stakeholder Function Main benefits
Smart City operators City administrators in charge of approving events or activities and oversees the adherence to local city ordinance security standards are met by the event organisers and other stakeholders.
  • Easily monitor noise levels in multiple locations in urban areas
  • Monitor and manage large crowds in public areas during events
  • Map crowd density to the physical area under surveillance
  • Set up a CAP – Collective Awareness Platform for user involvement
Event organisers Organisers of events such as concert, market, festivals, etc.
  • Actively reduce sound levels from live concerts outside spectator areas
  • Easily monitor noise levels in multiple locations in urban areas
  • Detect and re-direct queuing to reduce waiting times
  • Provide important information to users about events and get feedback
System developers Technical organisations involved in developing various IoT solutions or integrating different solutions into fully operational IoT platforms
  • Develop complete IoT networks for advanced IoT solutions, e.g. for smart cities
  • Develop new applications to be deployed on the MONICA platform
  • Require overview of the necessary investments of the MONICA solutions.