The work in MONICA is divided into 12 work packages, each led by a partner. Tasks within each work package are led by different partners. And some partners participate in several work packages. You can read more about the individual partners here.

Project management (WP1)
Management of the large consortium (29 partners) and of project progress. Lead: Fraunhofer FIT.

Demand-side requirements engineering for pilots (WP2)
Definition of use cases, scenarios, technical and application requirements and of the IoT architecture. Lead: Dexels BV.

IoT platform, wearables and sensors (WP3)
Development of IoT enabled devices and wearables, definition of a reliable and secure IoT communication infrastructure, adaption of the distributed LinkSmart middleware platform and integration of a semantic modelling framework for the MONICA applications. Lead: Istituto Superiore Mario Boella.

Acoustics closed loop systems (WP4)
Deployment of components that can mitigate noise annoyance for neighbours and non-participating visitors during outdoor events. Lead: Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurements A/S.

Security closed loop systems (WP5)
Development of the integrated closed loop solutions for security applications during a public event hosting a large number of people. Lead: Kingston University, Computer Science & Mathematics.

Situational awareness and decision support (WP6)
Development of situational awareness and decision support tools for the human operators who need to be involved in the closed-loop operation of the applications (security managers, sound engineers, organisers, public authorities). Lead: CNet Svenska AB.


Components and cloud integration (WP7 )
Installation of public cloud infrastructure for the MONICA platform and deployment of the platform to be used in the pilot demonstrations. Lead: ATOS IT Solutions and Services.

Pilot preparation, deployment and execution (WP8)
Preparation, deployment and running of the six pilots. During each pilot event, data will be collected and made available for validation and impact assessment. Lead: Fraunhofer FIT.

Pilot impact assessment and replication (WP9)
Continuous impact assessment of the pilot results. Establishment of a framework for successful replication of the MONICA platform. Lead: In-JeT ApS.

Application support, cyber security and data protection (WP10)
Assessment of the security and acoustic condition in each pilot site and implementation of a proper security framework that will adhere to national and international data privacy legislation. Management of all ethical issues related to the surveillance and collected data. Lead: Praesidio Group ApS.

Socio-economics and business processes (WP11)
Creation of a Collective Awareness Platform on social media to promote citizen awareness, analysis of the MONICA platform and its devices and apps in a broader context of tourism and cultural events. Business models and new markets analysis will be developed for the sustainability of the platform beyond the project. Lead: Leeds Beckett University.

Impact creation, exploitation and dissemination (WP12)
Maximisation of the project impact through a proper dissemination strategy. Development of communication and exploitation strategies. Lead: In-JeT ApS.