The MONICA project demonstrated how cities can use IoT technologies to support the management of security and (un)wanted sound at large, open-air cultural and sporting events which attract and affect many people. Even though the project officially ended 31 March 2020, the results live on and we invite you to browse our pages to see how you can benefit from the solutions and experiences of the project.

Find out how to replicate the MONICA solutions by checking out the Replication Reference Book which gives you a comprehensive and guiding overview of the technical, business, regulatory and human aspects inherent in deploying the IoT technologies.

Check out the online Reference Book here: MONICA Replication Reference Book

Or download the published document version here

If you would rather jump straight into coding your own smart event solution, go to the Software Development Toolbox where you can find enablers, tools as well as tutorials and guidelines.

Check out the MONICA Tool Box on GitHub here: Software Development Toolbox  

Or download the published documentation version here


Managing the nightlife of Movida

9th November, 2018|

How do you create vibrant public spaces that are safe and enjoyable to visit and live in? The City of Torino is applying MONICA sound, crowd and security solutions to better understand and plan for the nightlife of the city which is centred around the San Salvario District.

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Six pilot sites will demonstrate the technology solutions at concerts, festivals, sporting events and city happenings, which attract millions of people.

Each of the sites will choose a number of relevant applications that they wish to deploy. Whereas some cities will emphasise optimal concert sound and enhanced noise control, and others look to optimising security, all pilots will actively involve their citizens, engaging 10,000 people in the evaluation process.


Three ecosystems and their applications address the different needs in management of events. They all relate to real challenges in terms of public security and safety, sound and noise control as well as user engagement and innovation.


29 partners from nine countries form the MONICA consortium, uniting a multitude of specialists from different disciplines.

From the demand side we have cultural event organisers and public administrations. Representing the supply side we have experts on IoT technologies and wearable sensor systems; drones and acoustics; cloud solutions and M2M communication. Finally, security and privacy experts, cognitive scientists and regulatory specialists are here to set the societal scene.

  • Event organisation, public and business administration

  • Power, electrical, mechanical, industrial engineering

  • Electronics, acoustics, telecommunications

  • Computer science, human-computer interaction

  • Cognitive science sociology, anthropology


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