High wind speeds combined with high constructions are dangerous for carnival employees and visitors of Northern Germany’s largest funfair, the Hamburger DOM. To minimise the risk of falling stall elements in strong winds, the continuous collection and real-time evaluation of data of wind speeds are indispensable.

How this aim can be achieved with the help of sensors and IoT technologies is currently being tested within the MONICA project. Several sensors measuring wind speeds are being installed on the DOM. Data is being collected, transmitted and finally displayed via standardised network protocols, data formats and interfaces. The analysis of the measured data is, then, run in the MONICA backend (Cloud), while given preconditions, such as the permitted wind load of installations and constructions, can be taken into consideration. In case of danger, a timely and automated alarming of the responsible security staff can initiate precaution procedures.

At the Spring DOM 2018, first implementations could be carried out. Four small sensor boxes along with technical equipment were installed on towers for emergency sign-postings near the main entrances Feldstraße and Budapester Straße. The latest measured values of temperature, relative air pressure, relative humidity and wind speed were displayed through a portal.

On the basis of these initial tests, further implementations are planned and will be tested at future DOM events.