To discuss the aspects of sound and noise in urban environments and think about possible solutions to the challenges, the Danish incubator centre for audio startups, Copenhagen Sound hosted a conference on 8th June with speeches and discussions on noise reduction, sound perception and acoustic quality.

MONICA was invited to present its technology solutions for management of sound at concerts and to promote the new market openings which MONICA will offer startups:

GrowthFactory Copenhagen Sound, who is also partner in the MONICA project, supports audio startups (software and hardware developers, sound designers, creative music entrepreneurs and organisations) by giving them access to the professional audio industry. Photo courtesy: Mathias Vejerslev

– The event put a spotlight on new and diverse initiatives that will improve people’s perception of sound and noise and thereby the experience of urban spaces. The MONICA project was invited to present the project’s acoustic solutions but also to inform about the project’s aim to facilitate unique opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop their solutions to the sound and noise problems – e.g. new technology, apps and prototypes that can be tested in the project. We experienced a great interest from all the participants, says Linn Sofie Andersen Holm, Project Manager at Copenhagen Sound.

In MONICA, the perception of sound (psychoacoustics) and assessment of noise coming from outdoor musical events will be measured and analysed as part of the deployment and evaluation of noise mitigation solutions. Additionally, MONICA will deliver a startup service package for entrepreneurs to build new applications, based on open data sets and supporting tools.

Steffen Ring from Ring Advocacy ApS (pictured) presented MONICA together with Michael Frejdal from Tivoli Gardens. Photo courtesy: Mathias Vejerslev