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Check out the result
Check out the result

Calling all developers – entrepreneurs, startups, students

You are invited to apply to participate in the MONICA Open Air Hackathon. The event will take place in Roskilde (Greater Copenhagen) from 24th to 26th August 2018 and will be hosted and facilitated by the creative district Musicon, the City of Copenhagen and Growth Factory Copenhagen Sound.

The challenge is to design digital technologies which enhance user engagement and experience at open-air concerts and music events in the city. You will be challenged to build an innovative, data-driven application which could include:

– Augmented reality, virtual reality or gamification
– Audience interaction with performing artists or other fans in creative ways
– Crowd management such as guidance to the nearest entrance or the shortest queues
– Instant feedback to event organisers.

Prize money, free access to Growth Programme and real-world testbed

Collaborate and compete for recognition and a prize by participating on your own, or as a member of a team of up to three. The winner or winning team will receive €5000, free access to a Business Growth Programme and if appropriate an opportunity for a working prototype to be integrated and tested in a MONICA testbed, a real-world scenario.

Strong network of partners
The hackathon is organised by a strong network of partners which include:

Musicon Secretariat/City of Roskilde
City of Copenhagen (MONICA project partner)
Growth Factory Copenhagen Sound (MONICA project partner)
Tivoli (MONICA project partner) and many other music pilots and creative people.

Photo: ©Orange Makerspace

The hackathon will take place at the creative district Musicon in Roskilde in connection with the cultural festival Rabalderfestival in August 2018.

Musicon is a new creative district in Roskilde, located in Greater Copenhagen in conjunction to Roskilde Festival which is Northern Europe’s largest culture and music festival.

The area is known as an attractive district with significant cultural institutions, strong volunteering forces and a flourishing business community with many entrepreneurs and startup companies.

Use our creative facilities

Test your ideas directly on a big audience and the creative platform.

Use our concert scenes: Feel free to work with the sound at the outdoor scenes with continuous concerts.

Crowd control and safety: At the Rabalder Festival there will be a large crowd to experiment with – throughout the open-air concerts and pop-up theatre. It is also possible to further develop and improve Musicon’s terrorist protection elements.

Use our smart city lights: The street lighting at Musicon is designed by internationally recognised light designer Jesper Kongshaug and can be programmed as desired. So, if you want to experiment with light as part of crowd control, this is possible in the Musicon district.

Make products in our Orange Makerspace: Orange Makers is a member-driven organisation for do-it-yourself people. In our Tech Workshop you can do Tech + 3D Print + Lasercut and work with digital production, mini computers, 3D printing, laser cutting, soldering and much more. The woodworking station contains everything from hand tools to a full-blown CNC milling machine.