MONICA has contributed to a White Paper which provides guidance for the drafting of a good urban policy for live music.

The paper states that such a policy is built on an equal partnership between policy makers and the live music sector and based on a common belief that live music is an important element of European heritage, culture and wellbeing and not just ‘noise’ to the environment.

The White Paper has been launched by the European live music network, Live DMA as a reaction to a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) providing ‘Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region’. In the report, the authors introduce the concept of ‘Leisure Noise’ which includes nightclubs, concerts and live music venues and this categorisation of music as noise is what Live DMA reacts against.

Instead, they argue that music is more than just leisure, being a ‘meaningful cultural activity made on purpose’ where loudness sometimes is an ‘integral part of the artistic performance and experience’. The recommendation is for communities to exchange knowledge on how they achieve the balance between needs and ‘work together from the beginning to make live music a part of the city plan’.

You can get the White Paper on the Live DMA website. Here, you can also find recommendations for local authorities and for venues & clubs.

Live DMA is a European network of live music associations representing over 3000 live music venues, clubs and festivals in 15 countries. Two workshops have been conducted in the preparation of the White Paper with the participation of the City of Bonn, Acoucité and Ring Advocacy from MONICA as moderator. You can also access them on the Live DMA website.