Acoucité has made sound recordings of the Festival of Lights in Lyon and the FuturFestival in Torino to establish their soundscape maps. As you will hear, they are audio recordings allowing the reproduction of the perceived sound at a listening position, with the sound changing as you move around in the streets.

Understanding the sounds of our environment

Soundscapes make us listen to the different sounds of our environment: human, transportation, nature and activities so that we understand its functions:

“Soundscape maps help people understand how a specific place or event is working. You can hear the differences between a soundscape with and without an event”, explains Bruno Vincent, CEO of Acoucité.

“It’s also a tool representing the reality of recordings and measurements and allowing us to fuel the reflection of our partners on the acoustics work throughout the MONICA project”, he concludes.

Festival of Lights

In the Festival of Lights sound map, you can listen to the sound recordings from main event locations on a normal day (21st February 2017) and during the festival on 7th to 10th December 2017.

The Festival of Lights, or Fête des Lumières, takes place in Lyon and is a celebration of Virgin Mary for sparing the city of the 1643 Plague. During four days, the city fills up with performers and millions of visitors in the city centre.


The sound recordings from the FuturFestival are mainly from the festivities on 8th and 9th July 2017. The FuturFestival is an electronic music festival taking place every summer, with two days of concerts and events in Parco Dora, which is close to a residential area.

In both soundscapes, you can access a full sound report per location.