People looking at computer screensTo create new opportunities for developers and startups, MONICA is organising three hackathons in 2018, calling for innovative applications on user engagement and enhanced user experience at large, outdoor events. Participant registration for the first hackathon opens on 23rd March 2018.

Apart from €5000 in prize money, the winner(s) of each hackathon will be offered to enter a Business Growth Programme, with the possibility to integrate and test the prototype at one of the MONICA pilot sites during 2019.

Sports events, music venues and urban spaces

The first hackathon takes place in Leeds in June 2018 and will focus on fan engagement and experience at large-scale sports events. The second hackathon will be in the Copenhagen area in August 2018 with focus on audience engagement and experience at open-air music events. And the final hackathon will be in Torino in September 2018, calling for applications that can help change crowd behaviour in urban spaces.

Using data from MONICA

The challenge is to build an application, utility or service, using data provided by the MONICA open data platform. The MONICA platform will enable access to data and real-time streams that can be leveraged to create an application, utility or service that supports the MONICA project objectives.

We invite all interested developers to apply, whether students, startups or SMEs. Read more about the hackathons and how to apply here.