Collective Awareness Platform


Collective Awareness Platform A Collective Awareness Platform (CAP) is an online citizen-oriented platform that promotes collective awareness about societal challenges by gathering and displaying all related data and information for the citizens. The challenge for the cities is to find solutions that can bridge the gap between cultural attractiveness and community nuisance when organising [...]

Crowd Management and Communication


Crowd Management and Communication Crowd management and response is greatly facilitated by the MONICA Crowd Management and Communication solution. This solution gives a perfect overview of event activities in real time as well as means for feed-back to and communication with security and first-responder staff in the field. This solution complements the MONICA Crowd [...]

Platform Architecture and Components


Architecture and Components The MONICA IoT Platform features a cloud based, comprehensive and advanced, open IoT platform where networking technologies and cloud services dynamically integrate fixed and nomadic devices and mobile wearables in the physical world with automated closed-loop actuating functions. The platform also integrates humans in the loop, where appropriate, by providing situational [...]

Crowd and Capacity Monitoring


Crowd and Capacity Monitoring The MONICA Crowd and Capacity Monitoring solution is used by Smart City organisers, event organisers, security staff and first responders to monitor crowd behaviour and manage security at large events, e.g. to mitigate security and safety risk or annoyance. This MONICA solution complements the MONICA Crowd Management and Communication solution. [...]

Visitor Experience


Visitor Experience Enhancing the visitor's experience of an event is an important requirement for event organisers and cities wanting to innovate and stay competitive. The MONICA Visitor Experience solution consist of two digital applications for greater enjoyment and quality: 1) an event app, enabling visitors to access and negotiate the event more easily and [...]

Sound Level Monitoring


Sound Level Monitoring When assessing sound levels, for instance in public urban areas, it’s important that the measured sound levels are reliable, accurate and traceable. Therefore, it is required to use a type-approved, accredited and calibrated Sound Level Meter, which measures correctly under changing environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, and wind speed. Such installations [...]

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