The winning team consisting of (from the left) Giorgio Curini, Ludovica Cerchi, Leonardo Moiso and Simone Sabba.

The winning solution encourages bar owners and nightclubbers to reduce noise in the streets by displaying sound levels and calling for action.

The final MONICA Hackathon on Urban Spaces took place in Torino from 8th to 11th November 2018, challenging 46 participants to build a user-centred solution for an improved nightlife experience, based on open data provided by MONICA.

The starting point was the nightlife in Torino, known as Movida, which is centred around the San Salvario District where MONICA is deploying its sound and security solutions.

After presentations and group formation, the participants went on a tour to San Salvario to see the MONICA sound and security installations.

After two days of development work, three finalists remained, and the jury picked the “Shhh San Salvario Project”, due to its convincing concept which not only takes into consideration all stakeholders involved but also covers the business aspect, implementation and transferability of the solution.

The winning solution

By displaying sound levels on tablets in clubs and bars as well as on media totems in the street, the project aims to increase awareness of the noise issues and engage bar owners and nightclubbers in different ways to change their behaviour.

Different actions are started by the application when noise levels are too high but also when the crowd manages to reduce the sound levels. Additionally, different economic incentives to reduce noise are introduced.

46 people – divided into 11 teams – participated in the MONICA Hackathon on Urban Spaces.

As an option, a “Shhh” app for mobile phones can also be downloaded, so that it is possible to send messages asking for less noise in certain areas. Thereby, a sense of respect for the community is reinforced through engagement and connection with the residents.

The hackathon was organised by Santer Reply SpA in collaboration with MONICA project partners City of Torino and ISMB, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella.

To further develop the idea, the winning team will now enter a follow-up support Growth Programme provided by MONICA project partners and the hackathon organisers.